Infrared Saunas

For the highest quality infrared saunas at the best price possible, we highly recommend checking out East Coast Saunas. Their saunas are handcrafted from the highest quality Hemlock and Cedar wood.  They also feature their own revolutionary far infrared sauna heat therapy with Carbon Wave 360 technology.

When ordering an infrared sauna online it’s important to make sure the company is reliable and has a good customer track record.  East Coast Saunas (the east coast division of West Coast Saunas) is a BBB Accredited business with a review rating report of an “A”.  You can view their reliability report here.

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Prices start at only $1995 and have four models to choose from.

The Malibu Infrared Sauna

$1995 w/ FREE Shipping to the US

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malibu infrared sauna

The Malibu is the most compact sauna but is still spacious enough for 2 people.  It is perfect for smaller spaces or apartments.

The Dimensions

Width:  50″
Depth:  42″
Height: 75″

The Del Mar Far Infrared Sauna

$2,495  w/ FREE Shipping to the US

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Del Mar Far Infrared Sauna by East Coast Saunas

The Del Mar is the newest model with luxurious features like beautiful all glass doors, chromotherapy lights and the exclusive Carbon Wave 360 heating panels.  Perfect size for any home.


Width:  60″
Depth:  44″
Height: 75″

The Newport Infrared Sauna

$2,595  w/ FREE Shipping to the US

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Newport East Coast Infrared Sauna

The Newport Infrared Sauna features a clever corner design which makes it a perfect indoor sauna for any home or office.  It offers a large interior to accommodate up to 3 people comfortable.  Add a DVD LCD system and create an entertaining atmosphere for friends and family.


Width:  84.85″
Depth:  60″
Height: 75″

The Hollywood Infrared Sauna

$3,395  w/ FREE Shipping to the US

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Hollywood East Coast Sauna

The Hollywood,  is the largest infrared sauna available and can accommodate up to five people.  This luxury sauna features a wrap-around bench, colored lights for chromotherapy and an AM / FM / CD  player to stimulate all the senses while enjoying a relaxing session.


Width:  73″
Depth:  50″
Height: 75″

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